The 5th Open Letter to the Residents of Story (6-24-20) on the Status of the Library Expanded Resource Center Project


Dear Friends of Story:


Your Board of Directors of the Story Community Library, Inc., wanted to update you on our progress for the Story Library Expanded Resource Center.    This resource center project, when completed, will expand needed and requested library services for all residents of Story and the surrounding area, with emphasis on student and senior programming opportunities.


To date, with all funds pledged or received, we currently have commitments and cash in the amount of $291,267.94 for the project in addition to the $245,000.00 appraised value of the property from the Roberts family.  Fund raising continues, but at a much slower pace currently, due in major part, to the Covid-19 outbreak that has decimated the various fund-raising opportunities available to us at this time.  The Board understands the current needs of our community and the trials that this disease and economic downturn have caused.  We thank you for your continued support of this project.  We are currently in the middle of Phase 2, the “Construction” phase.  Construction of the Resource Center will not take place until all funds necessary for that construction are raised.  Currently we are a little over half way there.  Several additional foundational grants for this project are pending and the Finance Committee continues to work hard to meet this goal.  Please continue to support our project. There is room for any size contribution, from anyone, of any means, and we hope that you continue to give to the project and support this work.  If you haven’t yet donated to this worthwhile program, we hope that you see our success so far and consider doing so now.


The Board has decided, for your safety, to not participate in Story Days with the usual book sale this year as it would be impossible to meet the Fulmer Library standards for social distancing and cleanliness from handling the books.  We plan to be back again next year.


In addition to the direct funding campaign, we are also going to have an all Story community fundraising event in the fall of 2021.  The event called “The Great Story Birdhouse Bonanza and Barbecue” or GSB3 for short, will be a chance for everyone in the greater Story community to feel that they are a part of this project.  The day will be based around a judged birdhouse competition and live and silent auctions to raise funds for the project.  There will be a town barbecue and music at the library that day and many ways to enjoy our beautiful community while supporting the library.


Story, we love our little town and hope and pray that you all remain safe and secure with your families in this difficult economic time.  Please keep us and the project in mind and help us reach our goals when and if you are able to do so in the future.


Story Community Library, Inc.


Marc Randal Strahn, Chairman

Don Tiernan, Vice-Chairman

Mary Durante, Treasurer

Bill Doughty, Secretary


Gary Meyer, Board Member

Gene Alderton, Board Member

Ann Tollefson, Board Member

Dainis Hazners, Board Member

Sally Johnson, Board Member

Stephanie Hutt, Library Manager